Accounting Services

As Experienced Accountants, we help our clients and customers with the financial operations of businesses to help it run efficiently. We monitor and record the flow of money and provide services in financial accounting, managerial accounting, cost accounting, and tax accounting.

  • A & R Tax prepares and examine financial statements for accuracy and make sure they comply with laws and regulations.
  • We compute taxes you may owe, prepare your tax returns, and ensure prompt payment.
  • Inspect account books and accounting systems to keep it up to date and running.
  • Organize and maintain all financial records.
  • Improve businesses efficiency where money is concerned.
  • We make best-practices recommendations to management.
  • Analyze costs of operations, products, and special projects.
  • Prepare budgets and prepare reports which highlight any variances.
  • Suggest ways to reduce costs, enhance revenues and improve profits.

Managing a business or non-profit organization can be complicated. There are many different types of records to maintain, from managing bank accounts to generating regular financial statements. All of these records must be meticulously preserved throughout the year to provide the most accurate and complete picture at tax time.

A & R Tax and Accounting services understands that no matter the size of the business, there are a great number of responsibilities that must be juggled and balanced to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. Many of our clients work with us year-round so that we can provide them with proactive ideas and record keeping practices rather than reacting to potential problems during the tax season.